Largest Solar Project in southwest Montana

We recently installed this solar thermal system at the Bozeman Comfort Inn, making it the largest of its kind in Montana. It is anticipated to save to 26,980 lbs. of carbon output per year. Learn more about solar energy in Montana »

Turning a Pond into a Geothermal Heating Source

As pioneers in the field of geothermal engineering, we are on the cutting edge of innovative heating sources.This "pond project" is a geothermal solution installed in Big Sky by our team at Harvey's Heating and Plumbing.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

The technology of solar heating is constantly evolving, and newer advances are making the cost of these systems more more affordable than ever. Harvey's has the innovative solutions for all your solar heating questions.

Montana's Leader in Solar Energy

Harvey's Plumbing and Heating stands out in Montana when it comes to the design and installation of commercial and residential solar heating elements. See us for all your solar solutions.

Cool with Green Building Before Green Building was Cool

It seems like everybody is "Going Green" these days, but at Harvey's Plumbing and Heating we've been providing customers with energy efficient, environmentally smart solutions for more than 25 years. Montana's renewable energy sources »

Energy efficient and environment friendly solutions for Bozeman, Montana and the surrounding areas.

  • Innovative Heating Solutions
  • Residential or Commercial
  • Installation, Maintenance & Repair
  • Inspections and Consulting
  • Professional Mechanical Designs
  • Energy Wise Upgrades & Retrofits
  • Rebates, Credits & Incentives
Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat

Incredibly efficient, natural floor heat that's clean, silent, odorless, draft-free and doesn't require vents or ductwork.

Solar Thermal heat


Uses the sun's heat to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of residential and commercial properties.

Geothermal heat


Sustainable heating option for new and existing structures, this unique heating system saves big $$$ on heating & cooling.


Established in the Bozeman area for the past twenty-five years, Harvey’s Plumbing & Heating provides superior service with the most economical and energy efficient equipment available. Our Managing Partners, Bob Harvey and Tyler Merica, are practical guys, offering customers the benefit of smart, cost-effective advice. We are always armed with the most current information on energy tax credits and rebates, keeping our customers in the loop with money-saving solutions.

Our team implements carbon-reducing heating systems and innovative plumbing projects for a full range of projects—residential or commercial, remodels, retrofits or new construction. 

At Harvey’s Plumbing & Heating, we have pioneered ways to capture the earth’s heat and transfer it to heating systems that save money.

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