Radiant Heat

Radiant Heat

Incredibly efficient, natural floor heat that's clean, silent, odorless, draft-free and doesn't require vents or ductwork.

Solar Thermal heat


Uses the sun's heat to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of residential and commercial properties.

Geothermal heat


Sustainable heating option for new and existing structures, this unique heating system saves big $$$ on heating & cooling.

Heating Solutions for Montana

The Harvey’s Plumbing & Heating team will always give a fair assessment of the heating needs for a residential or commercial building. We admit that we don’t even see an architectural structure when viewing a new project—we see it as an energy envelope that deserves the most economical, efficient heating system possible. We take into consideration that most electric power in Montana comes from burning coal. We carefully consider all fuel choices when helping to find the appropriate heat source for our customers.

Innovation in sustainable heating options

We specialize in several types of sustainable heating systems including radiant, solar thermal and geothermal. We consider our dynamic Montana weather when guiding you through heating options. With our various heating systems, we can control the temperature in your structure according to the weather outside. For instance, we may be able to install an outdoor reset switch on your current system. Or, maybe one of our innovative systems is the best match for your home or business.

Whether the project is residential, commercial, new construction or an existing structure, we offer guidance to determine the most appropriate heating system. Our attention to detail and smart, cost-effective advice has kept customers coming back for twenty-five years. We always plan for jobs extensively, using our solar and geothermal simulation software and CAD technology.

We encourage you to take advantage of the current energy rebates and incentives available through government programs. We are always able to offer you the most current incentive information so you’re able to get paid back at tax time

Did you know?

The cost of a new water heater can save you a significant amount money!

When it becomes time, consider replacing your water heater with an Energy Star (high efficiency) unit that will shave dollars off your energy bill every month... stop wasting and start saving!

We will help you determine the best water heater based upon usage, cost considerations and longevity requirements.